Monday, February 13, 2017

Today's Lesson from Mackie

Mac 6, who has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Autism, an involuntary movement disorder which affects his hands and low vision was working with his homebound teacher. He loves reading, but Art is not his favorite for many reasons. He has a project to make and he was just not having it.

His teacher informed me that he just took the pieces of paper and threw them down on the floor. While it looked like an act of defiance or just not having Art class today.

Maybe, but maybe there was more to it. One piece at a time is incredibly hard with his involuntary movement disorders.  Was he overwhelmed?

Talking with Mackie about his art.  He was impressed by the confetti. What do people do with confetti?  You drop it down in celebration.

AHA!  He loves to see things fall, confetti falls, that is what he knows.  So why not solve the problem.  It was too hard and overwhelming I knew.

Mom glued the paper and Mac and Mom made confetti fall over and over again until the paper was covered.  Then Pat, Pat, Pat it down.

Problem solved.  While not like other kids, but he was successful in getting the step done, in his own way and his teacher got to see that things may not always be what they may seem.

Next step, Wednesday.  Drawing Mackie and helping the teacher see how to do it the way he needs and be successful.