Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Research for Assistive Technology and the IEP

Mackie working on his iPad with the Writing Wizard App

Last night I spent a few hours researching and finding resources on getting Assistive Technology into the IEP for Mackie.  With his complex vision, motor and neurological issues he needs Technology to be able to learn.  He has vision issues, but due to his motor needs Braille will not work.  The technology for those with vision challenges use motor.  The technologies for those with autism and/or motor needs are often visual and his vision impacts using those strategies.  He uses his new Novachat for speech and how can we get that into his IEP and enacted.

I started Mac on using the iPad at 22 months and he comes by technology honestly.  With a Triple Autism diagnosis he is technology savvy and sometimes I wonder how he finds all he finds.  For our older daughter Becca she was already on technology in early l992 at the Pacer Center in Minnesota. I know that technology is key to level the playing field for children who have complex learning and motor challenges.

These are the best of my finds for the night and I had requests to share them for others to have when they are preparing for the IEP and Assistive Technology Needs.

Assistive Technology from Wrightslaw

At a Glance: How The IEP Team Decides on Assistive Technology at Understood.org

Writing Assistive Technology into the IEP

Considering Assistive Technology from the Center for Parents Information and Resources

Documenting the Need for Assistive Technology from the Georgia Project for Assistive Technology

I hope these sites help you as you prepare for thinking out of the box and planning the IEP.  I shared them with the IEP team today so we can work together to write an IEP that will help Mac learn and grow!