Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Day 3: Helpful Hints for Working with Children with FASD.

Day 3

When we are disregulated or stressed, our kids often react and become disregulated as well. Look to how our own moods and frustrations may be affecting our children.

They say our children with FASD need external brains, to do well.  What happens when we are not at our best?  Our children will struggle.  We need to remain calm and often times with our frustrations we unintentionally set them off.

We as caregivers, or anyone working with these children need to step back and take some deep breaths, look to your mood and and calm ourselves and in turn our kids will do better.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Helpful Hints for Working with Children with FASD: Day 2

Day 2  100 Helpful Hints for Working with Children with FASD.

Tell me, I may not understand.
Show me, I may remember.
Involve me and with repetition and support
I may be able to say,
I Think I CAN!

Remember with many children with FASD auditory processing can be affected by their prenatal alcohol exposure. Also due to processing delays many of the words may be missed along the way.

Children with FASD often times visual learning is much more effective.  See it, I may be able to remember it.

Children with FASD are more successful with hands on learning.

Children with FASD need repetition, positive support and patience and together, they will learn and develop confidence.


Monday, January 2, 2017

Helpful Hints for Working With Children with FASD: Day 1

Day 1 Helpful Hint for Working with Children with FASD.

They notice everything including your attitude towards them.

Play with the tone of your voice and your expressions and in doing so, you change their response and gain their cooperation.

Our kids with FASD and other complex disorders can be very sensitive to the environment, our non-verbal actions and our emotions.  One way to help our children is to be very sensitive to our own emotions and what we are projecting.  Look in the mirror and look at yourself.  Are you in a good place?  Our moods will transfer to our children and unbalance them.  Balance yourself, you balance the energy around you!


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Dear Classmates,

Dear Classmates,

I am McKellan, or others call me Mac and I am 6 years old and starting Kindergarten with you.
I love dinosaurs, animals and solar systems.  I love anything with technology and I can talk about almost any cartoon.  I love music, do you?

I know that I am different and you will notice things about me that people called disabilities.  But I am just a Kindergartender just like you!

I know some things about me may be different from what you know.  That might be just a little bit scary or different. just take time to get to know me and I hope that you will be my friend and you will learn as we go.

My Mom is helping me write this letter to help me explain a little about me and she always tells me knowledge is power. 

I was born with challenges and different big old medical terms that in time you may hear teachers and parents talking about why and how they affect me.  You don’t need to know all that.  I will teach you as we walk and play together in Kindergarten.

I need you to be my friend.  Say hello to me.  I will try to respond, but sometimes I can’t get my mouth to work.  If you see me struggling just give me a wave, a smile or a big high five.  We don’t always need to talk to be friends!

Ask the teacher or the para pro to let you push my wheelchair.  Ask me to sit by you and help me with my stuff or pick something up that I dropped accidentally. Sometimes I get a little carried away and I like to see things fall over and listen to the sound it makes when it crashes.  Tell me to leave it up and when it is time to crash, ask me to help you break it down and pick up!

You will see sometimes my hands and body move a lot.  My brain does not always control it but I try as hard as I can.  But just be patient with me if I accidentally kick or hit you.   I don’t mean to and I feel bad when it happens.  Sometimes the more happy I am the more my body moves at those times, stay a little further away so I can’t bump or smack you accidentally

Sometimes may brain tells me to say things that are not always appropriate.  Please forgive me that I do not mean them.  I always feel bad after it happens.  Be patient with me.

I am often shy and quiet, but I am always listening.  I may not be able to do many things but try to include me in maybe just a different way. I am anxious and making friends is hard to do.  I haven’t had much practice hanging out with friends. You can help teach me how to be a good friend by showing me how. 

I may be absent a lot and will be still hanging out with you at school sometimes from a computer at home.  I love eating and learning with you and having you talk to me like I am still just here.  I will miss you when I am gone and will be so happy when I get to be with you all in person..

Sometimes I cannot find my speech due to my brain not connecting with my mouth and my muscles.  Give me time to respond.  I will try.  If I am not answering I am not doing it to be rude or unfriendly.  My mouth is just not working at the moment.  Smile and tell me it’s OK. When people tell me it’s OK my body works much better then.  Sometimes I have struggle seeing and have to sit in my chair to support my body to be able to see what you see and then I still struggle.

I hope you will be my friend and don't be afraid of me.  In many ways I am just like you!

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask the teacher, paraprofessional or my Mom anything!

I am happy to have you for a friend and together Kindergarten we will be great year.