Tuesday, January 16, 2018

It's Time to Share Our Expertise: Parent and Caregiver Powered Research

FASD Diagnosis Survey:

I wrote in Tiny Titan, my long procrastinated book. "The Professionals Read the Charts and we Read the Children. When we share our knowledge with one another, we can find answers. "

The professionals have the research and the book learning  and we have had to learn from walking with our children out of necessity and survival.  But since FASD has no dedicated funding stream for interventions and resources to help our kids, we have had to find our own way.

It is time for the Parents and Caregivers to step out and help share our knowledge, our wishes and through surveys unite our voices and use the research to shout to those who will listen.  Not only will we caregivers share our expertise, but partner with the adults with FASD who are the real experts as they live with FASD and have knowledge to share.

Today I launch the first of many surveys.   To the parents and caregivers, please take a couple of minutes and fill out the anonymous survey and help us understand about FASD diagnosis.

FASD Diagnosis

Thank you for helping the FASD cause.


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